Off-the-Shelf GDPR Elearning Course

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Off-the-shelf GDPR elearning with EssentialsPlus

When handling personal information companies need to feel confident they are doing it right. With the new GDPR regulations coming into play this May - now more than even businesses are under pressure to handle, store and protect personal data. 

Course summary

This 30-minute GDPR training module will help you understand the new EU regulations and provide the support material needed for you and your team to handle personal data correctly. 

This elearning course is suitable for staff working in organisations that handle personal data of EU citizens  (including companies not based in the EU) and looking to get a general understanding of the GDPR changes. 

This online course deals specifically with EU regulations, although core principles and guidelines can be applied in any country. 


Learning outcomes:

After completing this elearning, your employees will be able to:

  • Define personal information and explain how organisations must control and process people’s personal data
  • Understand the changes to the rights of the individual incorporated into the GDPR
  • Recognise the importance of consent and how individuals are protected in the GDPR
  • Understand the governance structure organisations will be required to put in place to comply with GDPR.

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