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Download: Four ways to close the learning-doing gap for front-line managers

Are your front-line managers ready to engage, motivate and lead? If so, count yourself among the few. Most organizations are struggling; in fact, Business Wire reports that “60% of front-line manager underperform during their first two years.” 

Don’t think it makes a difference?  According to the Leadership Roundtable of the Conference Executive Board, “Shifting an effective manager to an effective people manager can improve employee performance by 25%, employee engagement by 52%, and employee retention by 40%.”

This whitepaper by Kineo is a great resource for those who need to move managers from top individual performers to effective team leaders.  Four Ways to Close the Learning-doing Gap for Front-line Managers investigates why so many organizations are unhappy with their investments in developing front-line mangers, defines what the learning-doing gap is, and offers multiple ways to close it.

Download it today!