Learning in the post-Flash era:

Discover key learning design trends and the future of learning [RECORDING]

We’ve come a long way since the Teaching Machine of 1924.  Today it’s all about performance-based support and bite-sized learning on the go. But as new technology emerges and we enter the post-Flash era, what does the future learnscape look like? Join the Kineo and take a look at the journey so far and explore how modern design might change in the future. 

During this webinar replay, we’ll take a look at: 

  • the history of elearning and technology 
  • how learners are consuming content in today’s world 
  • what modern learning design looks like in the post flash era 
  • what the future holds 

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Elaine foster.png

Elaine Foster
Senior Interactive Graphic Designer at Kineo

Elaine began her career and life in Austin, Texas, but now she calls Wellington her second home.  She loves working closely with clients to create impactful learning, drawing on her expertise in UI design and front-end development, as well as her passion for UX design, art direction, animation and character illustration.


Anuj Gautam front end developer author.png

Anuj Gautam
Front End Developer at Kineo

Anuj uses his broad experience in design and development of web-based solutions to provide advice and consultancy to clients and our internal teams. As a keen web developer, Anuj brings a broad skillset to the table on all of his project work, by identifying and solving technical obstacles to meet project milestones with expertise and technical prowess.

Kyel Berkland Front end developer kineo.png

Kyle Berkland
Front End Developer at Kineo

Kyle’s technical and design capabilities bring a fresh edge to our digital team. Kyle works with our in-house development frameworks as well as open source ones, and coordinates asset management and handover between our design and development gurus.