Putting mobile first 

Discover how to make mobile learning really work [Recording]

Smartphones became the most popular device for getting online in 2015 according to Ofcom research. This shift in our everyday interactions for accessing information has changed the way us in L&D should design learning experiences. In the age of empowering learners, this webinar is focused on putting that power in your learner's hands - literally. 

Join this webinar with our Head of Learning Design, James Cory-Wright, Front End Developer, Kirsty Hames, Solutions Art Director, Owen Worts, and Lead Learning Designer, Tom Adams, as they explore: 

  • strategies for great multi-device learning
  • great examples of mobile learning experiences

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Kirsty Hames - Kineo profile

Kirsty Hames
Front End Developer at Kineo

Kirsty mainly works with the Adapt framework and is responsible for turning flat mocks into live designs. She collaborates with designers and art directors, specialising in responsive design and user experience.


James Cory-Wright
Head of Learning Design at Kineo

James has over 25 years' experience of instructional design and video scriptwriting. He heads up our team of learning designers and consultants, overseeing learning content design across all client projects.

Tom Adams Kineo

Tom Adams
Lead Learning Designer at Kineo

Tom is passionate about learning, development, and new technology and has experience in face-to-face as well as digital learning contexts.

Owen Worts - Profile

Owen Worts
Solutions Art Director

Owen interprets branding requirements  to create compelling look and feels for our bids, ensuring the quality of work is outstanding and in line with best practice in usability design.